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The most valuable asset in any business is the people – especially the key employees, whether they are owner directors or valued members of staff, who ensure that thebusiness is successful and drive its future direction.

So what would happen if such a key employee was unable to work due to illness or injury? Most businesses would want to be able to continue paying a salary to such a valued member of the team, until they were well enough to return to work.

However, in reality, many businesses would be unable to afford to continue paying a salary indefinitely. If a key employee’s absence was prolonged, there would come a time when the employer would have to face the awkward dilemma of when to stop paying them.

For the key employees of a business, a loss of income due to illness or injury could result in severe financial hardship. When life is going well, it’s easy to take money for granted. It provides security. It pays the bills and takes care of our social life. It lets us enjoy our home, car, hobbies, sport, evenings out and holidays. In a nut shell, money is essential to our quality of life. But how would a key employee survive if their income supply was cut off or reduced? What if the money suddenly dried up due to ill health or a serious injury?

Think of how quickly the bills would mount up and how quickly any savings would run out.

Relax with Executive Income Protection

An Executive Income Protection plan provides a cost effective way of protecting a key employee’s income during long-term absence due to illness or injury. It allows an employer to continue paying them a salary, for as long as they are unable to work, without imposing extra financial burdens on the business at a time when they are already trying to cover the key employee’s absence.


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