Making your money work as hard as you do
At R & L Financial Services, we can design a Savings Investment strategy to suit your age and risk profile, allowing you to achieve your medium to long term financial goals.

Risk Graph

Low Risk

Invest in Government and Corporate Bonds, small amount in cash but higher portion invested into Equities and property.

Mid to High Risk

Small element of Bonds, higher level of investment in Equities, will consider small element of investment in emerging markets, some investment in Commodities, Currency Fund and Property.

High Risk

High portion invested into Equities with a percentage invested in Emerging markets and Commodities. Small element in Property

Whatever short term or long term financial goals you have most of us will need to save for them. You might be saving for your first home, a holiday, or your children's education, if so, getting into a regular savings habit can give you more options for the future. The stock market has the potential to offer the possibility of greater rewards than Deposit Accounts.

Although, choosing when to invest can often be difficult and sometimes daunting, especially when investment markets are volatile. By getting into a regular savings habit you reduce some of the risks associated with one-off investments in the stock market.


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Life Insurance
Life Insurance

We provide a range of protection options including protection for your home, income, family and business.


Take control of your retirement and plan for the future with a pension from R&L Financial Services.

Income Protection
Income Protection

Income Protection financially safeguards you and your family against long-term illness or injury.

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